Pump Up Your Summer Energy: 10 Strategies to Revitalize Now

Pump Up Your Summer Energy: 10 Strategies to Revitalize Now

fun in the poolAs temperatures rise, some of us can’t think about anything but the upcoming summer.

Who doesn’t love summer? You get to freshen up your wardrobe. You get to go on vacation, if you’re lucky, and of course, it’s the perfect time to indulge in all the things you can do in warm, sunny weather.

But between continuing your regular daily schedule (work, the gym and household responsibilities, for example) and adding in the fun of summer activities, you might just find yourself exhausted and under-enthused about the season.

Don’t just give in to burnout. Instead, consider these strategies to attain and maintain your vitality so you can make the most of your summer.

  1. Nothing invigorates you more than feeling content and happy with yourself and your life, so take care of your emotional needs. You’re the only person who knows exactly what you require to satisfy your emotional side. Do whatever is necessary to ensure your emotional needs are satisfied, whether that’s surrounding yourself with good friends, staying close with family, or practicing the hobbies that bring you joy.
  2. Get your vitamins and minerals. Even though experts recommend a multi-vitamin daily, this is meant to be taken in addition to a balanced diet of whole foods. Spend some time at the choosemyplate.gov website to determine how to obtain your daily requirements from the food you eat.
  3. Avoid heavy foods. When the opportunity to take part in a fun, physical activity arises, you want to feel ready! Eating rich, fattening foods makes you want to sit down and watch TV, so you can assume it’s not doing much to pump up your energy reserves. Instead, choose lean meats, vegetables, and foods filled with fiber, such as whole grains.
  4. Sleep well. Getting restful, deep sleep is necessary for your mental health. And in order to have plenty of energy during these active summer days, you’ll need plenty of shut-eye to give your body time to rejuvenate. Aim for 7-8 hours.
  5. Plan ahead. To keep yourself from feeling stressed out and harried, have an idea of what you want to do over the next 3 or 4 days. Making a note of what you hope to do means you’ll also plan to achieve balance regarding your activity, rest, and rejuvenation.
  6. Look your best. Summertime is the time to show off your assets. If wearing your light blue shirt brings out your tan, why not wear it more often? If you’ve been walking a lot, show off those great legs by wearing skirts and shorts. How you feel about your personal appearance is closely connected to how you feel about yourself. You’ll feel emotionally energized when you believe you’re looking great.
  7. Smile more. Think “fun in the sun.” You look confident, strong and completely revitalized when you smile.
  8. Be active. Sit less. Move around more. Whether you’re in the house completing a task, shopping and running errands, or playing baseball with the kids, you’re more vibrant when you’re fully engaged. Go ahead and sign up for that summer tennis league or softball team you’ve been saying you might join. And then, show up and have fun! Being active increases feelings of confidence and will invigorate you more than anything else.
  9. Vary your activities to keep your energy flowing. Even if you love playing golf, a change of pace can revitalize you. Ride bikes with your kids. Jog around the block with your teen-age son or daughter. Finish the yard work in between other activities.
  10. Pace yourself. Allow blocks of times to rest, read, watch television, or listen to your favorite music. Doing what you love and resting sufficiently will give you plenty of energy to stay active.

What are your best tips for staying healthy, happy and vitalized during the summer? Share your thoughts in the comments section, below.


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