Bliss Mission: Cultivate New Perspectives for Personal Change

Bliss Mission: Cultivate New Perspectives for Personal Change

IntrospectionToday’s Affirmations

Each day, I cultivate new perspectives.

I revel in the diversity of ideas available to me. While I am confident in my values and beliefs, I enjoy thinking critically about them to ensure that they continue to serve me. Therefore, I cultivate new perspectives each day.

Others are a great source of inspiration for me, even if their beliefs vary widely from mine. Therefore, I choose to affiliate with a wide variety of people.

I cherish opportunities to learn, which only come when I am confronted with new ideas. Examining fresh perspectives can bring new nuggets of wisdom which enrich my life. So I always look at new ideas as possibilities.

If I feel that my perspective is better for me than the one portrayed by a discussion partner, I am polite and considerate anyway. Having differences of opinion is part of our life experiences as unique individuals.

I entertain all new perspectives, however briefly, so I know that my decisions are sound for me.

Today, I intentionally seek opportunities to learn about new perspectives. I am thankful for each new idea that comes my way, since each one helps me reinforce or reshape my own views so that they are always in keeping with my highest good.

Read & Reflect Questions

Answer in the comments section below, in your Bliss Book, blog or any notebook.

1. What new perspectives have I been exposed to lately?
2. How can I approach new ideas so that I am more receptive to them internally, even if I disagree with them?
3. How does a cultivating new perspective benefit me?

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