Inner Transformation and Evolving Group coaching

Inner Transformation and Evolving Group coaching

Join Lise Colucci, certified life coach

Inner Transformation and Evolving group coaching 

Are you ready to thrive and would like some support as you continue to heal after a toxic relationship? Inner Transformation and Evolution group coaching can offer you that support to go beyond overcoming abuse. This coaching group is led by QueenBeeing life coach, Lise Colucci. The group meets weekly for 1 hour in video chat plus there is a messenger chat that Lise checks in with several times per day to help you get the extra support you may need as you go through your week. Topics we cover include boundaries, inner child, restating negative or limiting self-talk, reframing problems and areas that you might feel stuck in your healing, finding your life’s passion, setting goals, dating again, trust, love,triggers, finding your voice and so much more.

This is the third group in the Regaining Self series of group coaching packages. All three are repeated each month and may be joined as many times as you need.

Times and cost:

  • 4 weeks begin 11/7 or 11/9
  • Wednesdays at 6 pm or Fridays at 11 am Pacific
  • 60.00 for all 4 weeks  plus the messenger chat

Here is the link to sign up. Once signed up, you will be contacted by Lise about your choice in time.

If you have any questions you can contact Lise at [email protected] or for information on individual coaching click here.


Self-Reflection Focus Group Coaching

Self-Reflection Focus Group Coaching

Self-reflection focus group coaching is a third group coaching offering from one of QueenBeeing’s life coaches, Lise Colucci. The  focus of this group will be healing from the programming of narcissistic abuse and thriving.
This group coaching is for anyone looking to understand, uncover, work on topics such as codependent traits, inner-child healing,  changing limiting beliefs and much more. Self-reflection will improve your life and increase your ability to thrive. Join Lise as you work towards transformation and evolving.

If you feel that you may need to deepen self-care the Self-Care group coaching might be the place to start but if you are ready to begin the self-care supported healing that you may feel you need to create a thriving life then this may right for you.

Email Lise with any questions at [email protected]

One hour weekly video meetings on Wednesday 6pm or Friday 11 am Pacific
Begins October 9th
Cost: $60 (non refundable at this reduced group rate) for all 4 weeks .
This includes a private group messenger chat currently on Facebook for daily check-in if you need it as well as a printable journal and access to additional resources.

Here’s the link for details and to sign up!



Dissociation, Regaining Self-Focus and Moving Past Thinking About the Narcissist

Dissociation, Regaining Self-Focus and Moving Past Thinking About the Narcissist

Needing help with some ways to focus back onto yourself? Do you dissociate and feel numb but you are ready to start feeling again? Here are a few ideas for getting your focus back onto yourself after narcissistic abuse.

For information about Lise Colucci and how to schedule coaching, group coaching or to call in as a survivor on a future you can find her here

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For group peer support, join SPAN (Support for People Affected by Narcissistic abuse in toxic relationships) – AKA “The SPANily” – at

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