How Narcissists Are Like Cult Leaders

How Narcissists Are Like Cult Leaders

If you have ever struggled to figure out how to explain a narcissist to someone who doesn’t get it, this video is for you. As explained by Dana Morningstar from Thrive After Abuse, being with a narcissist is like being in a cult – and I’ll go into detail on how to explain as well as WHY she’s so right!

Just like with a narcissist, when you first learn about a cult, chances are that you aren’t really aware of what you’re getting yourself into. The members and the leader show you their “best” and they draw you in with a process very similar to love bombing.

While they seem to be very generous and loving, often using your own childhood wounds as sort of a “way into your heart,” they are pretty much always based on the cult leader’s desire for personal gain, in one way or another.

These so-called leaders usually use various forms of brainwashing, along with other methods, to slowly and pervasively draw you into their circle of control and before you know it, you’re stuck and feel like you can’t escape.

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