How to make the perfect holiday cocktail

How to make the perfect holiday cocktail

images-30Here’s something fun for those of us who love to entertain! A cocktail expert fills us in on what it takes to make a perfect Christmas cocktail. 

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Joe Bruno — a cocktail expert and director of the American Bartenders School of New York — says the perfect Christmas cocktail should bring back memories, while also potentially blurring them.

“The (drinks) you remember are ones your parents or grandparents made during the holidays,” Bruno said. “Cocktails should be able to hold fast to nostalgia, in order to stand the test of time.”

But what makes a great Christmas cocktail? Bruno suggests peppermint as a prime ingredient.

“I just equate it with wintertime,” he said. “I guess it could be a metaphor for walking into a warm house after being in the cold,” Bruno said of mint-infused drinks.

One such cocktail he teaches his students includes peppermint schnapps, vodka and simple syrup (sugar boiled in water). A popular garnish for mint-infused drinks is a candy cane or peppermint stick.

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