My Two Cents: What Size Is Your Sexy?

My Two Cents: What Size Is Your Sexy?

What is sexy? These days, it seems like Hollywood and the media want to intimidate us all into being a size 2. So let’s talk about this, shall we?

I’ve got questions. You got answers?

I seriously want to know what people think about this one.

Is a size 2 really sexy? It might be just intimidating enough to keep us all in tent-like clothes, right? 

If a size 2 IS sexy (and I think many will say it is), then does it mean that a size 22 is any less sexy? What do you think?

Do most women think that being a size 2 is the new sexy size? Who really is a size 2, anyway?

And what about men? Do they prefer a size 2 to a “real woman,” seriously? LET ME HEAR IT!what size is your sexy

My Two Cents: It’s not what you have – it’s how ya work it!

If you ask me, being sexy is not what size you are, but what you do with that size you are. Don’t you know that sex sells?

Well sell it baby! Work with what you have. Believe it or not, you can be sexy right now, exactly how you are – in this very moment. 

You really can be sexy at any size – it’s all about your attitude and beliefs about your self. Check out Angela Atkinson’s book – How to Be a Hot Wife – and learn how to step up your sexy game. 

For me, PLUS is the new SEXY.

Just my two cents. 

So tell me, what size is YOUR sexy? Share your thoughts in the comments section, below. Let’s talk. 



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