Narcissists and Empaths

Narcissists and Empaths

Narcissists and Empaths – It’s so much more than codependency when it comes to a relationship with a narcissist and an empath. It’s beyond psychology and invalidation – it’s deep. In this video, I’ll fill you in.

Why are narcissists and empaths so often connected?

Important Point: Not all empaths are codependents, but many codependents also identify as empaths. With that being said, the empaths referred to in this article are those who are also codependent.

Codependents and narcissists seem to be inevitably connected. In fact, the same chemical processes that produce narcissists also produce their victims on so many levels. Both conditions are often a result of a person not being loved enough as a child by their caregiver, according to attachment theory (and Ross Rosenberg’s Self-Love Deficit Disorder).

What happens in a relationship with a narcissist and an empath?

A narcissist in a relationship with an empath is like lighting two fuses in a row. The narcissist explodes the empath’s emotional intelligence (EQ), over and over again, with their ridiculous demands, impossible expectations, and constant emotional manipulation. After years of constant communication breakdowns, the empath’s communication skills are almost nonexistent. This leaves the empath feeling like a shell of their former self and like they cannot even function on a normal human level.

Why is it so hard for an empath to leave a relationship with a narcissist? 

If you’re thinking about leaving a relationship with a narcissist – it’s probably because you feel overwhelmed and exhausted by them – and suffer from their constant invalidation – or their obscuring reality – or even worse – your emotions are buried by them – but this is what an empath may feel if they are in a relationship with a narcissist. Trauma bonding is the factor that makes it so difficult for an empath to leave a narcissist.

Start Getting Help with Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Today

Online help is readily available for survivors of narcissistic abuse. Here are some options to begin healing from narcissistic abuse right away.

Helpful resources for empaths dealing with narcissists in toxic relationships

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