Bliss Mission: Maintain Good Health

Bliss Mission: Maintain Good Health

Today’s AffirmationsHealthI am proactive about maintaining good health.

My continued health is one of my utmost priorities. I love the feeling I get when I know I am healthy, and so I do what is necessary to ensure I remain in tip-top shape. I take proactive steps to maintain good health.

I stay healthy by maintaining physical fitness, safeguarding against medical illness, and sticking to a nutritious diet. I focus on all three areas each day and make choices that contribute positively to my health and well-being.

I exercise even when I am tempted to skip it.

At times, when I lose the drive to get up and work out, I remind myself that in the long run, it serves to benefit me greatly. I also stop and think back to how invigorated I feel after exercise. I like that feeling and it re-motivates me to stick to my exercise routine.

There are times when an unhealthy food beckons to me. Even if I give in, I correct the damage by resuming healthy eating and exercise. I know that when I allow myself to indulge, I have the drive to turn the negative effects into positive.

Today, I continue to embrace the value of maintaining good health.

I know that unhealthy choices regarding eating and exercising can only serve to harm me. I prefer living in a way that can have long-serving and far-reaching positive effects on my life.

Ask Yourself These Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I share my positive stories about maintaining good health with others?
2. How do I handle knowing that I have developed a medical condition even after being proactive about good health?
3. Does my healthy lifestyle have a positive impact on other aspects of my life?

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