Wonder Wax: A Painfully Honest Review

Wonder Wax: A Painfully Honest Review

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wonder wax 2I was at Walgreens when I accidentally found Wonder Wax in the “as seen on TV” section of the store. (I cannot help it – I must look at that section. I’ve picked up some useful stuff there!)

The box claimed to contain  method for “quick and painless hair removal,” and that the wax would stick to hair but not to skin.

Other on-box claims included:

  • Results would last up to 8 weeks
  • No strips, no mess
  • Use from head to toe
  • For all skin types

For just under $10, I figured it was worth a try. So I bought it and today, I broke it out and tried it. Here’s what I thought.

My Review on the Wonder Wax Microwaveable Waxing Kit: Only for Patient People Who Follow Directions Well (Seriously)

wonder-waxThe wax is inside of a little teacup looking thing. I thought it was cute and it did make holding it easier during the process. The kit also came with a couple of small applicators and three large ones.

Following directions, I pulled the paper cap and plastic lining off the wax cup and microwaved it for two minutes.

I have a low wattage microwave so that wasn’t long enough, but I added the time in 30 second increments as the manufacturer suggests. It took nearly 4 minutes in my small microwave. No biggie though.

I made sure my legs were freshly washed and free of lotions and powders, as the manufacturer recommends. I slathered on the wax and waited.

When it seemed to have reached the “non-sticky” texture the directions describe, I pulled the first strip off.

Wonder Wax Review: Does this stuff really work the way it says it does?

IMG_20140420_200647_kindlephoto-19950493Here’s the painfully honest part of this Wonder Wax review.

Note: This part of the post is a direct result of my promise to myself and to my readers to be unashamed and fearless when it comes to being “real” with you–so here it is–the real truth about my experience with Wonder Wax.

Well, it did remove some hair and had I fully followed directions, maybe it would’ve removed all of it. But I was impatient and after the first successful pull, I tried to cover my whole lower leg. It looked like a wax legwarmer but it felt nice–like a warm wax hug.

That is, until I attempted to remove the so-called legwarmer-turned-torture device.

That’s when I made another mistake: I did not wait long enough to pull the wax and it was a little gooey in places. That meant the hair wasn’t removed there. And also? That removal hurt so much I thought I might slap my mama.

However, to be fair, that was totally my fault. If you follow the directions, it won’t by hurt (any worse than it would otherwise to yank out hair by its roots). And it’ll  probably come right off of you follow the directions too–but if you don’t immediately use the little wipe they include in the box, expect your legs to get super itchy. Speaking of which, if you try to use it after a few minutes have passed, they won’t remove all the wax.

(Again, the directions.)

On that note, I’m wrapping this post up so I can go wash my legs again. 

Bottom Line: The Queen’s Court Gives This Product 3 out of 5 crowns.

It works if you’re patient AND properly follow ALL directions. If not, all kinds of fun drama will ensue.

Have you tried Wonder Wax? What did you think?


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