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I believe that all religions are the same. I believe that they exist because the divine comes to each person in a different way, and those who have had similar experiences are able to worship in similar ways.

I believe that when people choose to have children, they are automatically choosing to love someone more than themselves, whether they realize it or not. I also believe that parents are required to put their children’s needs before their own.

I believe that I am raising my children to be adults, not children. I believe that many parents forget this fact and therefore raise ineffective adults who can’t support themselves. I also believe that my last statement sounded a bit judgmental, but I still believe that it’s true. I believe that I’m not a perfect mother, but that I am doing the best I can, and I believe that my children will someday understand that. I believe that they know they’re loved and cherished.

I believe that no one is perfect, especially not me. I believe that anyone wishing to have a successful relationship or marriage should consider this premise and that one should choose her partner carefully. I believe that you cannot change another person, and that marriage is not some magical cure for all things wrong. I believe that each of us has someone out there with whom we fit, in one way or another. I believe that your soul mate and your spouse are not always the same person, and I believe that it’s possible to have more than one soul mate. I believe that a big part of the decision in choosing your life partner should be deciding whether or not you can live with their flaws, and whether the good you find outweighs the faults for you.

I believe that family is of the utmost importance and having a family is an enormous blessing that many of us are given. I also believe that biology does not always determine who your family is. I believe that paying attention to and loving your family, immediate and extended, will ensure that you never go hungry or homeless. I believe that it’s my responsibility to make sure my own family never goes hungry or homeless and that it’s my delight to know them and be close to them.

I believe that individuals must be treated as such and that there’s no cookie cutter option. And now, I believe that my ten minutes is up.

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