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Skye Olmsted
I downloaded your app and it’s helped me cope a lot. I was in a narcissistic marriage for 8 years and every time I went back I felt worse and worse about myself. I finally left for the sake of my son and I’ve never been happier.

Kristen Mc
Angie is an Earth Angel. I’m sure her journey is to help so many of us who feel we were losing our minds. Deep down inside we know. Healing and moving forward. That’s what it’s all about. Thank you, Angie! xo
Robin Watton 

You are NOT crazy.If you want to get a handle on what’s been happening to you, here is an excellent resource. Angie and the QueenBeeing staff have quite a lot to offer. Recovery is hard, no doubt about it, but it can sometimes be fun!

Emilia Laneman
Angie is one of the significant pillars of society who keeps us in the know about how to spot, deal with and overcome narcissistic abuse. Thank you, Angie.

Toni Larter Sorrentino
Angie is amazing and has been tirelessly helping so many people. She has touched the lives of so many going through a situation where there is almost no help out there.

Kim Vaughan
When I went through my final discard, I was 54 years old. I gave up my career to raise our children so I had no resume, no college degree, no job prospects. Angie’s work showed me a light at the end of a very long tunnel and she was there in person when I needed serious help to keep moving forward. As for my ex Narc, I know what he is now and I recognize others like him. I also know to RUN away from them as fast as I can now.

Britney Pert
I found Angie’s YouTube channel just recently, and I am in the beginning days of going no contact with my ex-narc. watching her videos and listening to her has helped me so much! I feel less insane, I feel a spark of hope again, and I feel like I just might get through this. she is amazing! she is so honest and straightforward and I believe that’s exactly what I need right now. I highly recommend that you check out her channel and FREE support group. I have never met her or spoken with her directly, but just watching her videos has been a blessing in my life.

James Lacroix
She is an amazing life coach. She helped me so much and her videos related to what was going on .i was part of her chat on YouTube and it helped me realize I didn’t have to handle it alone. And it’s been no contact in June will be a year of no contact. I suggest if you’re dealing with any kind of abuse, get in touch with Angie.

Anuja Bharat Tara Vora
Angie – thank you so so much – you are amazing xxx

Elizabeth Crews
I’m really glad I found her videos! They have helped me and my mom a lot.

I have worked with several coaches in the past many years, however, none of them as personable and knowledgeable as Angie Atkinson! I discovered Angie when I was going through my own personal issues and found her on YouTube discussing narcissistic abuse and healing from those relationships. There was something about her that just spoke to me … Her knowledge, compassion, empathy and kind personality were just a few of the things that made me look into her Empath Entrepreneur coaching program.

I loved that she had an understanding of the many personal challenges I have been through and also intuitively knew she would be a driving force in my desire to grow my business! Over the past several months of working with her, she has challenged me to grow and has helped me recognize my strengths and talents and is really encouraging me to bring that to other entrepreneurial women as I grow my business. When you have a coach like Angie who is not only kind, generous of spirit and heart but also kick ass smart, talented and knowledgeable and you are willing to put the energy into your business when working with her, you will see nothing but forward trajectory!

Rupa Kapoor

Founder, Woman Redefined

Marlene Bergquist 

I wish I had found this info during my narc relationship…would have answered so many questions. I’m in therapy because of my involvement with a narc. Angie’s videos have helped and given me encouragement to move forward. I’m a good person was just with a really bad apple.
Debbie Miller Walsh
I absolutely love the videos. Hopefully, the information will scare me silly to not allow the narc back in. I put those videos on every chance I get. They are wonderful.
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