Welcome to the SPANily!

Here are your next steps.

Step One: Be Proud of Yourself

You’ve just taken the first step to taking back your life. I’m proud of you, and you should be proud of yourself! The healing journey ahead won’t always be easy, but you won’t be alone. I PROMISE you, it will be worth it! You’re about to get to know yourself so much better, and by the time you’re done, your life will have changed significantly. Your home will be your sanctuary and you won’t have anyone working against your peace.

As you go through this process, it might feel like you’re walking through a dark tunnel. The light at the end of that tunnel might be really far away – heck, you might not even be able to see it yet! But keep going! Trust yourself, and stick with the SPANily and me – and we will walk through the darkness with you. We will hold your hand until you reach the light, and we’ll keep being there for you when you get there.

Step Two: Grab Your Free Gift!

It’s a 7-Day Self-Empowerment Mini-Bootcamp, designed just for narcissistic abuse survivors. It’s not free for most people, but for SPANily members, it won’t cost a thing!

Go pick yours up and do it at your convenience.

No pressure – but it will help you on the healing journey!

Step Three: Begin the healing process.

Read Your Email

Be sure to check your email each day for the next few days. I’ll be sending you some good stuff to help enhance and facilitate your narcissistic abuse recovery journey. If you don’t see anything from me, check your spam folder to be safe. If you have any trouble, feel free to reach out to our team at [email protected]

Choose Your Tools

QueenBeeing.com offers all the tools and resources you need to recover on your own for free. But if you’d like to get some more personalized help, you might also like to look into booking a session with one of our coaches, or signing up for our Narcissistic Abuse Recovery App or joining a small coaching group. Scroll down to learn more.


One-on-One and Group Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coaching with our certified life coaches, each a survivor herself. 

Support Groups

Free, online narcissistic abuse recovery support groups with an experienced team of admins to keep you safe. 

Get Info

Powerful resources to help you discover, understand and overcome narcissistic abuse in toxic relationships.


Robust FAQ section covering everything from narcissistic abuse recovery to coaching to our support groups. Get the answers you need.


Life Makeover Academy has a wide variety of courses, designed for survivors of narcissistic abuse to help them take back their lives. 

Get App

Get personalized recovery help in the palm of your hand, custom designed for you by certified life coach Angie Atkinson.

Read Testimonials

Find out what our amazing community of narcissistic abuse survivors says about recovering with the QueenBeeing SPANily.

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