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When my husband told me about LOLcats, I smiled and nodded and pretended I’d read them. I didn’t at first, because it didn’t sound like anything I’d enjoy. I mean…it’s photos of cats (and other animals) that have funny (and misspelled) captions on them.

Since I sight edit everything I read everywhere I go, I thought these things would just make me insane.

Then one day, I happened upon when it happened to be left open in my browser. (Hubby was showing it to one of the kids.)

I couldn’t stop looking at them. While some of them weren’t so funny, others made me LOL, literally.

The spelling errors were in fact “LOLspeak” which actually makes them funnier once you understand it. (To avoid a long dissertation on LOLspeak, I will give you this tip: Read them out loud if they don’t immediately make sense–then you’ll “get” it.)

Be aware, also, that these LOLcats have a serious “cheezburger” obsession.

And, for the record, they’re safe to read with kids in the room (even those who DO read.)

That said, I’m certain you’re all wondering what this LOLCats experiment could possibly have to do with pursuing one’s own fulfillment. For that matter, you’re probably wondering WHAT this experiment actually involves.

I will tell you.

But not today…today, I will leave you with this challenge. Do something that makes you laugh today for ten minutes. Anything at all. Even check out some LOLcats. Seriously, just do it.

Just remember this: laughter heals many ills.

Tomorrow, we’ll talk experiments and results and what it’s all about. I leave you with this LOL cat for inspiration (and a giggle.)

(Yes, I realize it’s bathroom humor. But admit it, you’re laughing too.)

Come on, crack a smile.


Now, doesn’t that feel great?

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3 Responses to The LOLCats Experiment: LOL Often and Prosper

  1. LOL!! That’s Hilarious!!
    Laughter is surely the BEST medicine!! Thanks for the Laughs, today. Can’t wait to show Hugo. Looking forward to the experiment you have in store for us!

    Many Blessings….
    Roxanne ~ Believe Achieve

  2. Those are great pics…and a good laugh, thanks for sharing.
    I wish they had a johnny rockets here or nearby so I could see if they do their “act” everywhere.

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