The L.O.V.E. Movement

Ending the Toxic Legacy, One Family at a Time

QueenBeeing’s Larger Mission

To Change the World

Empowering Survivors & Rejecting Toxicity. One survivor at a time, we are helping narcissistic abuse victims become THRIVERS, and to create the lives they want. 

One Family at a Time

We have launched a movement to spread awareness and to help survivors create change in their own families and social circles to prevent enabling and creating toxic people in this world.

About the Movement

In addition to the mission of empowering survivors of narcissistic abuse to become thrivers and to create the lives they want, has launched a movement to spread awareness and to help survivors create change in their own families and social circles to prevent enabling and creating toxic people in this world.

And here is where YOU come in.

If you’re reading this, chances are that we have something in common. We are survivors and thrivers who are in the process of recovering from a toxic relationship – or who already have discovered, learned to understand and how to overcome narcissistic abuse in our lives.

What can you do?


Empathy Isn't Enough

We also have to teach self-love, self-respect and healthy boundaries. We have to teach unconditional self-acceptance and unconditional acceptance of others – but we can’t leave out that just because we accept a person unconditionally, we aren’t obligated to allow them to remain part of our inner circle.

Start at Home

I am starting a movement toward eliminating toxicity in families for future generations. One parent at a time, one child at a time. One aunt, grandma, uncle, grandpa – brother, sister, cousin…you get the idea.  This starts one family at a time, one person at a time. If each person we reach helps one more person, who in turn helps another…imagine the impact!

L.O.V.E in Action

So how do we do this? We start in our own homes, and we spread the message. We teach ourselves, our kids and anyone else who will listen all about empathy, self-love, self-respect, unconditional acceptance of self and others – and how to set and stand behind boundaries.

Healthy Family L.O.V.E. Will Find a Way

Look After

Your Physical and Emotional Needs, and Those of Any Children You Affect

Own Your Truth

Don’t Pretend to Be Anything You Aren’t and Be Honest with Your Kids About Who and What You Are (Show them how to unconditionally accept themselves by doing it for YOURself)


Listen to them and validate them, even if you need to disagree with them sometimes. But don’t disagree every time.

Evolve Together

Never assume that your child can’t teach you anything, and never assume you’ve already taught your child everything you know. Keep your mind open and evolve with your child.

Angie Atkinson on Building the L.O.V.E. Movement

During the years I’ve been researching and learning about narcissistic personality disorder, narcissistic abuse and toxic relationship recovery, I have learned something significant: it all starts in childhood. I know, it sounds cliche, but hear me out.
Nearly every single survivor of narcissistic abuse is also a survivor of a toxic family environment in childhood. Strangely, this is also true for most toxic narcissists as well – their “damage” just manifested differently than ours.

As a parent, I know that there are some pivotal moments in a child’s life and that we can have a significant effect on who they become – good or bad, it’s true. I also know that we can choose to raise our children in the way that we were raised, or we can choose to create something different for them. Ultimately, whether we realize it or not, we can have a significant effect on who our children become.

But while I think we have certain responsibilities as parents outside of the basic physical care of our kids, we also must recognize certain boundaries we need to honor – often, ones that weren’t honored for us.

This may feel abnormal at times, especially when you were raised by a controlling, dismissive or otherwise toxic parent – but we have to be very intentional with the influence we put on our children.
It’s important that we avoid trying to turn them into anything they aren’t – and that we encourage and validate what they ARE, even if what that is – makes us uncomfortable. But it’s equally important that we teach them to understand people and their emotions, and how they affect these people. Basically, to teach them empathy.

Why do I think this is so important? Because the one uniting quality between all toxic narcissists is the lack of empathy. So, by teaching our children empathy, we can begin to change the future for their generation.

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