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This is the Cure for People-Pleasing Syndrome: How to Stop People-Pleasing After Toxic Relationships – Do you want to know how to stop caring what other people think? Are you a people-pleaser? Do you try to help everyone at the expense of your own needs? Do you try to make others happy as a means of avoiding confrontation? Do you feel guilty when you put yourself first? If so, you’re a people pleaser – it’s all part of the unfortunate codependency that goes along with being in relationships with narcissists.

Trying to make others happy at your own expense is a poor way to spend your time and energy. If you’re looking out for everyone else, who has your best interests at heart? You might think you’re trying to be nice, but that’s not the full story.

People-pleasers feel a need to make others happy, but the motive isn’t entirely altruistic. People-pleasers are attempting to avoid confrontation. They also feel important by helping others. When they do something nice for another person, they feel good about themselves. Meanwhile, their own lives are unraveling.

They also lose the respect of others. When you don’t respect your time or your needs, no one else will either. You’re training people to treat you badly.

Avoid pleasing others and please yourself for a change with the highly effective tips in this video.

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  1. I am this person for sure. I am miserible and do not how to stop help me.

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