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Well folks, it’s official. Sophie is one year old, as of yesterday. I cannot believe how fast the time has flown, although I must say that I should have known to expect it, considering she’s got two older brothers.

Having Sophie has been such an amazing experience already, and I know it’s only going to get better. She’s already Miss Personality and takes her role as family Princess very seriously.

She never fusses when I dress her up in pink frilly stuff, and doesn’t even mind a bit of bling. She is the girliest baby I’ve ever had (again, good thing since her siblings are males!) and makes me smile every day.

She learned to walk at ten months, and now she never stops unless it’s to eat or sleep. Truth be told, she’d rather do those things on the run too. 🙂 She’s already standing up for herself against injustices committed by her big brothers (such as toy-stealing or cookie-snatching), and is very clear on what she wants, when she wants it, and how she wants it. She’s what some would call DETERMINED.

She has brought me so much joy in this first year of her life, and has helped me to bond with my own mother in a way I never could before. When I look at her, I see endless possibility and promise, and I know that she will be something special.

For her birthday, I had her ears pierced. While she wasn’t initially thrilled (the noise scared her), she hasn’t minded since. And she looks positively adorable. Here’s a bad pic I took with my cell phone right after we had them done.

Okay, I’m aware that I’m biased, but what a beauty! 🙂

For dinner, Sophie tried her first White Castle burger. I was shocked that she loved it and ate more than half! Sophie’s brothers and I baked special birthday cookies for her, and we all sang happy birthday to her and helped her blow out her candle.

Oh right, one more thing…we learned that Sophie is a piano prodigy. Check her out, playing the piano at only one year old.

Okay, okay. I admit it. She’s NOT really a prodigy. I just wanted an excuse to show you this extremely cute photo of my daughter pretending to play the piano.

I wanted to find a fabulous poem to share here today, in honor of my beautiful daughter Sophia, but it seems impossible to find one that’s just right. Instead, I’ll simply tell you this.

I hope that one day, my daughter is able to look back at her childhood and know that she was loved and supported. I hope that she has fond memories and happy feelings about it, and I hope that all of this looking back is accomplished as she achieves and lives her dreams.

I hope that she never, even for a moment, doubts herself. I hope she recognizes her own beauty, inside and out, and I hope that she finds peace within herself, loving herself for who she truly is, and not what someone else wants her to be.

Yes, I’m fully aware that this is a tall order. I know that many of you will say I’m naive or silly to expect such things. But, as I always say, we must expect the best. And so far, it’s working for me.

To Sophie, I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always. As long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be. 🙂

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10 Responses to To My Only Daughter on Her First Birthday

  1. Angie,

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful post, brought back so many memories, my little girl turned 5 in August and just started school. It’s amazing how quick the time passes. My son turned 2 in August and I am really making sure to treasure my time with him. They just grow so fast but like you said they will always be our babies.


  2. what a beautiful heart you have. those are perfect hopes for your daugther.

  3. That is very well written and a beautiful thing to say. You children have a wonderful mother. I believe we don’t express ourselves to others enough and we often don’t tell the ones we love how we feel enough. It is great you take oppurtunities to express how you fell. Well done! And Happy Birthday Sophie

  4. Happy belated Birthday Sophie!

  5. Aww happy birthday! I’m sure she will be a true piano prodigy some day!

  6. I left you something on my blog.

  7. My little boy is only 2 days older than your little girl! He just celebrated his birthday on Saturday. We had a Thomas the Train cake – it was too cute. There are some pics on my personal blog here: – Sunday’s post.

    I also wanted to thank you for posting a comment on my blog. I was wondering if you’d like to exchange blog links. Your blog is very interested and I would love to put a link to it from my page.

    Please let me know.

  8. Belated happy birthday to your darling daughter , Sophie. God bless you and your family.

  9. Happy Birthday to Sophie!!

    Your post was so heartwarming and beautiful. Sophie is going to be a very wise young lady with you by her side.

    Many Blessings….
    Roxanne and Hugo
    ~ Believe Achieve ~

  10. What a beautiful post about your little one. She is just adorable. Happy Birthday Sophie! They sure do grow up fast. My little one is 4 now and it feels like I just brought her home from the hospital.

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