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Question: Why are narcissists and empaths so attracted to one another, and what can you do as an empath to deal with the Gaslighting and manipulation?

In the video below, I’ll answer that question and explain exactly why narcissists are so attracted to empaths – and I’ll give you the rundown on how you can deal with the extremely painful brainwashing, manipulation, gaslighting and emotional and mental abuse a narcissist heaps on you. Plus, what you can do to make a narcissist be nice to you (if you aren’t able to go no contact).

Learn why narcissists and empaths seem to be addicted to each other and find out the two steps you can take to change the narc’s behavior, right here.

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One Response to The Toxic Attraction Between Narcissists and Empaths

  1. Hi Angie,
    What is an Empath? What role does an empath play in a relationship with a narcissist?

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