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How a lost child experiences life and what you can do to start healing.

Are you a lost child? Are you the parent of a lost child? If so, understanding the psychology of the toxic family structure is important, but understanding the lost child’s psychology is necessary if you’re ever going to heal (or help your child heal).

In this video, I’ll briefly discuss the lost child, how they differ from the scapegoat and golden children, and what their psychology looks like and then explain what is necessary to help the lost child heal after dealing with a narcissistic parent.


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One Response to Toxic Family Structure: Psychology of the Lost Child & How to Heal

  1. Hi Angie. Thank you for the help and support you’ve provided me and countless others. I have only one small request… Would you consider posting the commentary from your videos in text form? I have only my work computer to access your program and would be better served by being able to read the text rather than watching the video during work hours. Namaste!

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