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Are you in a relationship with a narcissist? Do you think you might be dealing with financial abuse? Today at QueenBeeing, I’m offering a free 20-minute recorded webinar that will help you to learn to identify and manage the financial abuse you might be experiencing in your toxic relationship with a narcissist.

In this webinar, entitled Financial Abuse 101, you’ll learn the basics of what toxic relationships look like from the inside and how to identify a narcissist. You may already have this information, but in case you don’t, this intro section is provided for your convenience.

This 20-minute video will help you to:

1. define financial abuse
2. discover how a narcissist can abuse you through money
3. understand the shocking facts of financial abuse
4. understand how financial abuse begins and how to avoid it
identify the signs of financial abuse
5. understand what you need to do to overcome financial abuse
6. learn and use an 8-step plan to deal with existing financial abuse

Get more free resources, tools and information on how to recover from narcissistic abuse in your relationship at our Narcissism Support Coach Resource Center or at QueenBeeing’s new Coaching and Support Center, located at

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