True Narcissistic Abuse Survivor Stories

Surviving Narcissistic Abuse At All Costs: The Count and the Boogie Man

Editor's Note: This story was submitted by a fellow survivor of narcissistic abuse. Read more stories right here, and submit your own here.  “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ~Maya Angelou I have probably sat down in front of this...

Surviving and Thriving After a Lifetime of Narcissistic Abuse

Have you ever wondered what made me start doing the work I do? Why I created this site, and what it means to me? It occurred to me recently that I've never really told the whole story, so I decided it was about time to fill you in on the truth about how...

Ultimate Edgelord Casanova Narcissist

Editor’s Note: This true narcissistic abuse story was shared by a fellow survivor. Read more survivor stories here, or submit your own story here.  Today, I want to share my experience with the narcissist I call "Ultimate Edgelord Casanova." Many narcissists are...

Narcissist Mother Enlists Golden Child in PR Warfare

Editor's Note: This true narcissistic abuse story was shared by a fellow survivor. Read more survivor stories here, or submit your own story here.  I have never lived with my mother, but I was extremely traumatized by her toxic behavior. I had buried some of the...

Letting Go of the Juicer and My Narcissistic Mom

My narcissistic mom was the kind of person who rationalized the decisions she made and the ones she forced on me with “if you don't do this/if I do this, your father will kill him." She made me keep the secret of the neighbor who molested me at age 8. Truth was, I...

Surviving Sexual and Psychological Abuse: My Story

Editor's note: Trigger Warning: This powerful true story of surviving narcissistic abuse and sexual abuse may trigger negative emotions and other issues for you. Please don't read it unless you feel strong enough to do so. This is my story of how I survived...

41 Insults & Manipulative Things My Narcissist Said to Me

*Editor's Note: Dear SPANily, this list of horrible insults and manipulative phrases was submitted by fellow narcissistic abuse survivor, Anna, who tells her story in this post. I'm publishing it here because I agree with Anna in that it may help one of our fellow...

Tell Us Your Story

One of the biggest things I hear from narcissistic abuse survivors who find this site or my narcissistic abuse recovery videos is that they are so relieved to learn that not only are they not crazy, but that they aren’t alone in the painful and shocking realization that they are being (or have been) abused by a toxic person.

It’s a HUGE part of recovery. And it matters.

It’s so important for people who are going through and recovering from narcissistic abuse to truly understand that they are not alone.

When you share your story and your personal experiences with narcissistic abuse recovery, not only can it help you grow and evolve in your own recovery, but it offers you a unique chance to pay it forward and help to encourage and support other survivors who are having or have had similar experiences.

You are not alone

Let us walk you through it.

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