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Twin Flame Connections in Narcissistic Relationships – What are twin flame connections and what do they have to do with narcissistic relationships? Can a narcissist be a twin flame at all?

As one viewer put it: “I think the idea of twin flame is sweet and romantic but if your compass is damaged, if you were abused and grew up surrounded by unhealthy relations, believing in twin flames can be dangerous as it could justify abuse and maltreatment. Vulnerable people can be too open to suggestion, very forgiving and hopeful in a fairytale ending. They may have the idea that they can heal or fix the abuser if they just loved them more, gave them of themselves more…”

Call them twin souls, twin flames or whatever you like – but can a narcissist really BE your twin flame? Is there such a thing as a false twin flame? In this video, we’re discussing twin flame problems and how they relate to a toxic relationship. (Twin flames 2018 video)

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