Angie Atkinson – Featured Speaker – How To Survive And Thrive After Narcissistic Abuse Seminar

Written by Melina Ann

Angie Atkinson will be a featured speaker at the upcoming “How To Survive And Thrive After Narcissistic Abuse” event in the UK. Want to know more? Here’s the information you need.


1-day Seminar for Women

Saturday, May 11, 2019, Newcastle – UK. 10.15am – 4.45pm

Tickets £38.50

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KEYNOTE SPEAKERS ON NARCISSISM: A day of key industry expert speakers on Narcissism who will advise on how to overcome and combat abuse

ANGIE ATKINSON – USA Expert & author of 6 books on Narcissism
DIANE GENDERS – Solicitor with experience in Abuse
KAREN HEPBURN – Therapist in Narcissistic Personality Disorder



  • How a Narcissist’s mind works
  • Recovery and survival techniques
  • How to survive when the Narcissist is believed rather than the victim
  • How to talk to a Narcissist
  • How to stop Narcissist contact
  • What legal protection is available
  • How to prepare for a court case
  • Coercive Control and the Law
  • Narcissistic traits covered such as Gaslighting, The Smear Campaign, Grey Rock, Flying Monkies and much more
  • What therapies there are available that can have a huge impact to help survive and thrive this type of abuse to finally break free and feel happy again

There will also be other survivors talking about their recovery and how they have managed to overcome and walk away from the ex Narcissist. You will have the opportunity to take part in a question and answer session, talk to other victims and to meet other like-minded women who have gone through the same traumatic experiences!

It’s a day run by women…supporting women …. educating women!

Seats are strictly limited so please book early

Buy Tickets Now –



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