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In this video, we are going to talk about the messages you internalize about yourself during and after narcissistic abuse.

You know, lies such as,”You’re not good enough” and “you’ll never find anyone else who loves you more than me,” and “you’re crazy/stupid, etc.”

Over time, these messages become ingrained in your reality and you begin to believe them.

By the end of the video, you’ll:

  • realize you are in control and choose your own truth
  • learn to decide how it goes from here on out.
  • learn to choose your own story and define yourself.
  • let go of limiting beliefs and choose your own truth.

Decide who do you want to be.

Think about that and start writing down your ideas – in a perfect world, where you could be anything you want to be, who would you be?

Next time, we will discuss the needs we all have that a narcissist can never meet – and what we can do to fulfill them.

Your turn: After you watch the video, tell me what messages you are internalizing that aren’t true – and what you’re going to do to change that. Let’s discuss it!

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