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It’s 5:30 a.m. and I had the nerve to vlog moments after I woke up. No make up, hair in a messy knot on my head. Most of my friends haven’t even seen me like this.

So, in addition to the anti-demonstration of the power of makeup, I’ll fill you in on what I did over the weekend and what I’m planning for later today, when I’ll be live casting with divorce coach Kristen Darcy.

Plus, we will do a quick gratitude exercise. This is life after narcissistic abuse. It can get better if you choose to make it so.

And, excuse me for saying “sunset” instead of “sun rise” – it’s early and I hadn’t started sipping my coffee yet. 😉 ♡

In this vlog, I’m sharing a few quick announcements on some upcoming videos I’ve got planned for you, and I’m asking a few questions. Do you use a vision board? Have you used one before, and how’d it work for you?

Plus I’ve got an upcoming guest on Monday named Christy – and Christy has not only survived narcissistic abuse – she’s thriving! And she’s going to share exactly what worked for her during her recovery- and you will be shocked when you hear her story. That’s coming Monday, August 8. You can watch live right here:
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