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If you work in an office or at any on-site business, you probably have a dress code at work. Depending on your type of industry, this could be anything from steel-toed work-boots to office formal.

But does it really matter? Are dress codes important?

It’s a very interesting question. If you sit to discuss about dress codes you might end up in a debate. Creating a dress code for a workplace can be a tricky thing. Fashion is the word of the day and in such an atmosphere dress codes can certainly be a helping hand.

Why are dress codes implemented?

It’s very important to maintain dress codes in an office. Young boys and girls often dress shabbily without bothering what the world has to say. A compulsory dress code can keep them under control and maintain a decent image in public.

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If no dress codes are maintained in a workplace then anyone will wear anything of his/her choice. This will distract other employees and have a severe impact on their performance.

If a colleague proves to be a distraction the other employees will have a hard time concentrating on their work. Dress codes have to be reasonable depending on the type of work.

Dress Codes for employees

It’s very important that employees show up to work looking clean and groomed. They might opt for casual or formal business attire, but this is something that will vary greatly from setting to setting.

Some things that are completely against most dress codes are:

• Clothing that features abusive and foul language
• Tank tops, muscle shirts or halter tops
• Wearing torn jeans and tops
• Hats or caps
• Wearing sweat pants or sweat suits

What things should employers keep in mind at the time of deciding a dress code?

Dress codes have to be reasonable depending on the type of work. They should be both job-appropriate and not sexually or racially biased.

Just as it’s important for an employer to communicate dress codes (in writing) to all employees, it’s equally necessary for the employee to comply with the dress code.

Here are some office fashion tips from around the web to help you get going in the right direction.

Fashion  & Beauty Tips From Around the Web


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