What do you perceive? The internal narrative of a narcissistic abuse victim

Written by Jenney Moore

The abuser has harmed you again, is perhaps gone having discarded you, or you’ve left.

…but you’re still thinking you “love” them. These are the words in your own voice echoing in your head—the soft-focus, romanticized ideation that your abuser actually deserves your love. You may likely be telling yourself that you have to stay in/get back in this nightmare relationship because you can’t ever get anyone else who’d treat you properly anyway.

Sound familiar?

This your internal narrative…and it needs significant redirection, an upgrade, and remodeling. This is a brainwashed-by-abuse mindset that must be corrected with truth.

Seeing an abuser as a person to still merit your feelings of love is a target point for telling yourself the truth. Remember the old adage, “The truth shall set you free”? Truth is your light to banish the darkness of abuse.

Change your internal narrative…you need to tell YOU the truth:

  • This person harmed you purposely and repeatedly without remorse.
  • The abuser did this because he enjoys harming people.
  • This will not change.
  • They have no human merit, therefore

Tell yourself the truth…change your vision of the abuser to the truth. No more twinkling, soft-focus ideations of still loving or the abuser being worthy of those feelings.

You’ve always been the person of merit…the abuser never has. Abusers target good people to oppress because it gives them a power high to cause harm to the admirable.

Change your internal narrative, and see clearly at last.

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  • Jenney Moore is a lifelong resident of the Pacific NW, and a survivor of a 25-year abusive marriage. She stayed as long as she did simply due to being unaware of personality disorders. “I’d never even heard the term, and was incredibly naïve…at every promise he made to change, I tearfully bought in again and again”, she remembers. Finally leaving in 2012, she now works giving support in multiple Facebook abuse victims’ support groups including one she and several fellow admins started at New Year of 2019, and works as a senior administrative assistant for a major utility company. She is a singer/musician, visual artist, fitness enthusiast, and shares her home with her daughter and son-in-law.

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