What I’m Wearing Today Thanks to My #PeopleVIP Status

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The cobalt and gold bangle and the leopard-print scarf are courtesy of People Magazine thanks to my #PeopleVIP statusYou may or not be aware of my social media goddesss/geek status–either way, you can rest assured that anytime I love anything, I do whatever I can to learn about it and to understand it in the best way possible.

You might have noticed my fashion-geek side by now, and if you’ve been reading my work long, you might already know that I geek out about everything I love.

So imagine how excited I was when People Magazine and Klout.com gave me an opportunity that incorporated several of my passions–including both fashion and social media–among others! That’s right, I’m now a #PeopleVIP!

How I Became a People VIP

Truth be told, I don’t know how special it really is to be a People VIP, but I did get some really great freebies out of the deal.  I recently received a #KloutPerk that includes #PeopleVIP status–which offers me several benefits, including some awesome freebies!

For the record, I’ll be blogging more about the rest of the freebies over at AngelaAtkinson.me, or you can see all of them on my Facebook pages! (Both my professional page and the Project Blissful Style page each have some of the photos and info!)

How I Switched Up This Look, and How I’d Switch It Up for Evening

Click each photo above to view the full pic!

I love an opportunity to switch up my look, and here’s a great example of how you can change up your look with just a single accessory change.  For the record, I also have this top in blue.

Later in the evening, I would switch this up by changing the jewelry, glamming up the makeup and putting on a pair of platform pumps–black and shiny or even nude. I would also wear the same look with a skirt and tights.

I absolutely LOVE that cobalt bracelet, and I am also thinking for evening, I’d switch it up to a bigger, blingier super-sparkly bracelet–like the ones that are currently on huge discount over at SuperJeweler.

Take a look at this gorgeous piece to the right–I’d love to pair it with a sparkly necklace and earrings along with this outfit and a pair of heels for the evening–or even pair it with a few other sparkly baubles. (Yeah, I totally love bling–I know you had NO idea! Ha!)


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