What Is the Best Fibromyalgia Treatment?

Written by Angela Atkinson

The fibromyalgia treatment your doctor prescribes for you will depend on how severe the condition shows itself in your life. Some cases are mild and are treated simply with over the counter pain medication. In other cases, prescription medication must be taken in order to cause the pain from the muscle or joint aches to be brought to a manageable level or subdued to some degree.

Treatment can also include antidepressants, not because doctors think it’s all in your head, but because this class of drugs can help to relax the body and lessen the anxiety living with a chronic condition can bring on.

Dealing with an incurable medical problem can lead to long term anxiety problems due to mood swings. Physical pain and discomfort can bring on a variety of emotions and when mood swings go to the extreme, depression can then set in.

It’s understandable that an antidepressant can help to stabilize those emotions while you and your doctor plan together the best way to bring your fibromyalgia under the control you can achieve.

Sometimes drugs that are used to treat epilepsy in people are also used in fibromyalgia treatment. Certain medications can block the signals that allow pain to be felt. Anti-seizure drugs can help you deal with the pain of the condition.

Your doctor might suggest you also seek the help of a trained counseling who knows how to give you the emotional and mental tools you’ll need to handle having a chronic condition.

No matter how old you are, having an ongoing medical problem can create or exacerbate the stress in your life and knowing ahead of time how to deal with what you’re going through can lessen this stress.

You may also choose to add a rheumatologist to your care circle. Arthritis is a common complaint when a patient is dealing with fibromyalgia but with the right kind of help on your side, the condition might slow you down but it won’t keep you from experiencing a happy, fulfilling life.

Some people who experience flare ups with their fibromyalgia and want a more natural approach choose to use the services of an acupuncturist. Regardless of which route you choose to take, you will need experts who know how this condition affects the body physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually so that you can receive the care you need.

Some patients choose a fibromyalgia treatment plan that includes using a more natural approach to manage their health. The more natural approach would include an exercise plan, getting plenty of rest, a healthy diet and eliminating as much stress as possible since stress can cause your symptoms to worsen.

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