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Are you ethically required to warn your ex’s new source of narcissistic supply?

Your Ex Narcissist’s New Supply: Is there an ethical obligation to warn new supply of toxic abuse?

Today, I’m answering a question from a viewer who believes that we have an ethical obligation to warn the narcissist’s new source of narcissistic supply that he or she may be abused. Here’s the comment:

jeffry michineau commented:
“I think the view that we should just sit by and watch the new victim be torn to shreds is like supplying the narc. we only say this from the point of view of being former victims… you see it was we who allowed and fueled these creatures.. then sheepishly cow under all of their next bombing campaigns.. psychological bloodshed and the havoc they are creating in our social family circles,, why because of the after effects of our own victimhood.. we forget about our humanitarian… technical or even our highly acclaimed communication skills… and just give in to these midget brained quasi emotional rapist and toxin squirting manipulators.. that are on the hollywood elite actors list of most evil creatures… I think we could with our own artfulness say or do something just respond to them with well thought out defenses otherwise we would be just a bunch of losers licking our wounds and succumbing to the machinations of the Devil’s children…otherwise called Narcissists”

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One Response to What is your ethical obligation to the new narcissistic supply?

  1. This question has haunted me for a long time. My Narc literally has a harem. They start out as unsuspecting and then they are drawn into his world of non-monogamy and lies and an almost classification and hierarchy. I’ve tried to warn and dissuade some, become friends and been betrayed myself. It’s in my DNA protective but it has more often backfired on me and thinking I’ve made a new friend or confidant, theyvteally don’t want to hear it. Be there when the pieces fall but with the narc I was dealing with, it’s literally impossible to keep up.

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