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By Angela Atkinson

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You can never be too happy, I always say. And, happiness is contagious (in a good way!) That’s why, in addition to polling the world at large in this happiness-inducing Storify, I took a poll of my Facebook friends to find out what makes them happy–I hope something they mention might inspire you to embrace the good things in your life too.

Without further ado, let me turn it over to my friends.

The Question: What made you happy today?

  • Melanie said: my kids snuggling in bed together working on a craft… either that or my new fav show- Ice loves Coco!!
  • Amandah said: The hot temps last week and sunshine. 🙂
  • Meredith said: Me taking a walk tonight…rockin out to Coldplay and my hubby running to catch up with me so we could have a half hour together…NO KIDS! 🙂 best walk ever!
  • Jennifer said: My son spontaneously kissing his sister. Also my three year old making me coffee “all by herself” (with the keurig-aka pushing the button). Such a sweet thing.
  • Pen said: Writing.
  • Christy said:a beautiful sunset
  • Tonya said:The laughter of my little ones!
  • Deborah said: My son calling the #13 “little 14″…I suspect it has something to do with the “th” and “f” sound being so similar at his age.
  • Denise said: Finally got to spend a little quality time with my oldest…we went to see Hunger Games by ourselves and joked about all the trailers.
  • Sarah said: Listening to Sadie playing by herself in her room suddenly bust out with “Sadie Sadie Bo Badie Banana Fana Fo Fadie Me Mi Mo Madie, Sadie” and then quietly go back to playing.
  • Andrea said: I had a patient that made me giggle and her sister liked my smile….so she gave me a good reason to smile…..
  • Aja said: My husband’s sweet compliments.

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What made you happy today? Share your thoughts in the comment section, below!

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