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Please explain this one to me, someone.

Explain to me why our society needs to be so cruel and ugly that a freaking 19-year-old beauty queen felt the need to undergo liposuction surgery.

Explain to me why a beautiful intelligent woman (she was also a medical student).

Explain tome why a teenager, just barely an adult who was clearly considered attractive enough to win a crown, would be so desperate to change her body that she’d undergo a surgery that would ultimately take her life.

We have to do better, people. Let’s start supporting one another rather than continuing to tear each other down. This is just the next link in a long chain of unnecessary death due to women and men trying desperately to fit some crazy ideal that doesn’t exist in real life for most of us.

Who really killed Catherine Cando? You tell me, society. You tell me.

Okay, rant over.

RIP Ms. Cando.

Catherine Cando, a 19-year-old medical student and part-time model, died while undergoing liposuction, a free procedure she won after being crowned in a local Ecuadoran beauty competition. Cando won the Queen of Duran beauty contest in her native country last October and won many prizes, including a new Aveo car 2015, a smart tablet, and a free course of cosmetic surgery treatment. 

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