What Role Do Calories Really Play in the Modern World?

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By Susan Smith

calorie-tips“We live in a fitness-conscious world governed by a formidable King known as Calorie. He is revered by everybody across the globe and anybody who disobeys him ends up becoming fat!”

The above statement was made by a colleague while we were exercising at a local gym. I agree with her because today, calories control how we lead our lives.

Analyzing daily calorie intake

A lot of people are confused about the right amount of calories that should be consumed in a day. The ideal figure varies from person to person and depends on a lot of factors such as age, height, sex and lifestyle. For example, the amount of calories needed by a six-foot 25 year old male will significantly vary from a 50 year old male with similar physical attributes.

Calorie intake values vary across regions. Take the example of the United States. American health authorities claim recommend an average of 2700 calories and 2200 calories per day for men and women respectively. Compare this with the corresponding figures of 2500 calories and 2000 calories for men and women in the UK.

Are you aware about the daily count of calories required by you?

The changing times

Let us face reality with a straight face. In 2013, American men and women eat significantly greater than their predecessors in 1980 or 1990. The reason for this is that food is served in bigger portions these days. Take the example of modern burgers. The average cheeseburger contains anywhere near 600 calories, almost twice that of burgers in the 1990s.

Our bodies are undergoing a constant evolution to adapt to changing food habits and lifestyles. The calories we take in translate into energy for metabolic activities, respiratory activities and blood circulation.

Have your food habits changed from let’s say, ten years ago?

Achieving the perfect energy balance

Energy balance is a simple concept that represents the balance between calories consumed through food and spent through physical activities.

In order to maintain the same body weight, it is crucial that energy consumed is equal to energy spent. Obesity results from excess calorie intake (combined with insufficient exercise) while weight loss occurs when a calorie deficit arises by eating inadequately (combined with significantly higher physical activity).

Do you wish to maintain, lose or gain weight? Whatever be your need, I recommend that your first approach a fitness expert or nutritionist to analyze your eating habits and lifestyle. Respect calories and eat right to minimize illness risks and lead long lives!

Author the author 

Susan Smith is a fitness enthusiast and serves as the Online Marketing & Sales Manager at Promo Direct (http://www.promodirect.com), a firm offering quality promotional products to a diverse range of businesses across America. Susan loves interacting with business owners and provides them with quality solutions for their branding needs.
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