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When Narcissists Minimize and Invalidate You, it makes you feel miserable. NPD leads people to gaslighting and manipulation of the people they claim to love. In this video I will share 10 Ways Invalidation Happens and How to Self Validate during and after narcissistic abuse. Codependency doesn’t have to be a way of life.


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One Response to Why & How Narcissists Make You Feel Unimportant: 10 Ways Invalidation Happens

  1. Hi Angie
    I would like to hear more how to validate myself more and especially now when I broke off the Narc as I couldn’t take it any longer. He has completely wiped me off from all contacts ( which is good) but I feel so devalued, disappointed, angry and sad. All this at the time when my dear mom passed away. And he promised to be there for me.. No contact from him for 3 months..

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