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Why Narcissists Won’t Say I Love You in Front of Their Friends (Viewer Question) – Today, I’m answering a question from Dryvur, a regular morning chat friend and valued subscriber.

Dryvur says: Why can’t they say “I love you” in front of their friends……even when asked to do so by their best friend. Is that because they don’t truly love you? When that happened I told her best friend she wouldn’t do it. She was definitely a cerebral narcissist.

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2 Responses to Why Narcissists Won’t Say I Love You in Front of Their Friends

  1. I just wanted to add, if there is any kind of romantic situation going on, the Narc is most likely a player thats playing with many or at least several people & is reserving the right to keep your “love” on the DL. It might screw up his other hustles! Remember, getting adoration and Supply from as many people as possible is a real desire for them. Actually with my Narc, it consumed all his little bit of money (dating websites, where he wanted the attention so bad he even replied religiously to the bots) and time… Constantly seeing other people behind my back & lying to me about it. I dont know how many names I was called, bc I called him out on it. Literally thousands. And screamee at to the point of having some wicked PTSD from the joyful time that I had with my Narc
    Oh and if it was a platonic love that the narcissists would not say out loud, it could be because saying that you love someone gives them the power and she did not want to be seen as weak or the lesser in the relationship, no matter what kind of relationship it is.

    • Gigi, your comment is making so much sense to me, you are so right about how the narc love to date other women and always try to get their attention, and of course deny all of it, and pretend this is not important, then the ultimate excuse is that he doesn’t have enough self confidence that’s why he uses those dating apps ! How many times I discover all the lies and when I confront him he is telling me that i’m just so paranoid and such a psycho and I have issues with my confidence and he will make me feel guilty because I doubt on him and i’ve been paranoid for nothing… I’m so tired of living in this spirale, I want to move on but it’s so hard ..

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