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Why therapy for narcissistic abuse isn’t effective and doesn’t always work. And why you should never go to couples therapy with a narcissist.

Therapists are often under-educated when it comes to narcissistic abuse recovery and toxic relationships with people with narcissistic personality disorder. It’s not that therapists are useless, it’s just that they don’t always know the depths of emotional abuse and how to recognize someone with narcissistic personality disorder. In most cases, when you consult psychologists on love, they are fairly accurate. But when it comes to finding a good narcissistic abuse therapist, it’s often easier said than done. And going to couples therapy with a narcissist will almost definitely set you up for victim-blaming. In this video, Dana Morningstar and Angie Atkinson discuss the possibilities and explain how to find the right therapist for you – whether you’re dealing with CPTSD, narcissistic abuse syndrome or any other complication of toxic relationships. With Dana Morningstar from Thrive After Abuse.

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Therapist? Why traditional therapy for narcissistic abuse doesn’t work

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One Response to Why Therapy Might Not Always Work for Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

  1. I have just read an article on the Empath-Narcissistic and boy does that ever make sense. It’s like they are the devil’s, and we are the angels !Many things have popped up in my head about his behavior that I didn’t understand at the time, or I just let it go since I have joined you’re group Angie, and all I can say is you rock ! Yay it’s finally out in the open.! Back 14 years ago no one even knew what a narcissistic was ! And now not only do we put them on blast, but we actually relate, and get a chance to speak out about the terrible bruises they leave us with. Because as we know, not many people understand this behavioral disease , and we can talk about it with just ANYBODY. they think we are nuts right? smile. Little things he said, subtle little nuances I remember each day. And I ask myself again, why did I stay so long? Of course I had moved out around seven times in the 14 years we had been together ,but he always came after me and convinced me to come back. Now that I know exactly what happened to me the woman I once was. Thank you Angie for giving me CLOSURE !

    Deborah DeFelice

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