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Feel threatened when other women are around your man? Watch this. This is the TRUTH about why women feel threatened by other women – especially when they perceive the other woman as more attractive, intelligent or otherwise “better” than they perceive themselves. While the majority of my videos are aimed at all survivors of narcissistic abuse, today I’m focusing on women who are pushed into feeling threatened by other women in their relationships.

I’m talking about why narcissists cause you to feel threatened by people of the opposite sex and about why women specifically are challenged in this way.

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2 Responses to Why You Feel Threatened by Other Women (And How to Deal)

  1. I would like more information on this topic.

  2. In response to Angies video on why we are jealous of other woman, and her experience when her best friend came to visit when she was pregnant. She was feeling somewhat intimidated by her friends figure, but she knew in her heart that her friend would never do anything to hurt her. well too bad that wasn’t the case when my brother and his girlfriend were staying with me while my ex was visiting from out of town. I trusted her completely as we were pretty close while she was going with my brother. Besides she wasn’t much to look at and kind of slutty looking so I never in a million years thought HE would be attracted to HER . Well I was WRONG. They DID end up sneaking around my apartment in the mornings in the bathroom while my brother and I were sleeping . We put pieced this together afterwards. So Angie I am so glad you escaped that fate, but I as a result, will never trust ANYONE ever again. He created the monster I am today !

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