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Today’s Episode: Why You Man Flirts With Other Women in Front of You: New Podcast From Angie Atkinson

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3 Responses to Why Your Man Flirts With Other Women in Front of You: New Podcast From Angie Atkinson

  1. My husband will not only flirt he will make it a point to hand something to the woman and touch there hands rather than just hand the object or whatever. I told him that it hurts me when he does and he lies and said o dont even know i do it. Then less than 30 min later a woman came over and right away he began the touchy game with me standing next to him. Another thing he doess is, if i leave the room he will lower his voice when he’s talking just to make me trip.

  2. Hi Angie! Your Podcast today was a life changer for me. I’m a survivor of a lifetime of narcissistic abuse (my mother, and three miserably failed long term relationships including my son’s father, who I see on a regular basis) although I didn’t realize that’s exactly what it was until I found you. I’ve been following you for a year now (almost to the day that my most recent ex discarded me out of the blue) and I love your work. In my darkest days I would fall asleep listening to you talk because it comforted me to know I wasn’t alone and someone else understood what had secretly been going on in my life. I decluttered my house because of you and I started wearing lipstick because of you. Lol. Sometimes I can’t relate so closely to the topics you discuss, but for the most part you’re right on the money. Your example today about the woman who couldn’t get pregnant who eventually became too awful to be around…. That’s ME!! Or should I say, WAS me. My ex took away my friends, my job, my money, I gained weight and stopped taking care of myself. I eventually became so jealous of all he women who had the freedom that I didn’t realize I was lacking, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to say something nasty about anyone I saw. Now I have freedom, friends, a job I love, a social life and I work out when I want. I’ve started complimenting women when I’m out because we just don’t get enough of that in our lives. Thank you for all you do Angie! I look forward to your articles, videos and podcasts every day.

  3. you’re the BEST. You’ve helped me not only leave the Narc, but through the past year and a half’s journey of healing from the Narc. You are SO amazing and ON POINT with these talks. I went through exactly this. I literally thought ANY and EVERY girl was better than me and that I was hideous and not cool enough. Seriously so crazy what I went through. I am still recovering but have come so far. It’s wonderful when you got to a point where you can help other women through your pain and realize that it’s a gift to be so awake from this trauma- especially when it goes back to childhood and you start working through THAT stuff. SO AWESOME. Sorry for the caps- I get so excited lolol. <3

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