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pregnant silhouetteI can’t lie to you – I never expected to see THIS state’s name when someone asked “What’s the pregnancy capital of the United States?” 

To be honest, and I don’t mean to be disrespectful to anyone, but I honestly expected the rates to be higher in the MidWest and Southern states (and I can say that because I’m a MidWesterner who has plenty of Southern relatives and friends). 

I thought maybe it’d be in areas where poverty was found at higher rates, or that it’d be in places where resources and education were equally sparse. 

But when I read this article from CityLab – I almost fell out of my chair. Turns out, it’s freaking DELAWARE! 

So, what’s this all about? 

Well, according to the article’s author, “in Delaware, a surprisingly high number of women get pregnant by accident.”

“Here’s what it can teach the rest of the nation.

CAMDEN, Del.—Inside a squat building in this town of 3,500 people just outside the state capital of Dover, six high-school students sat around a table last week, each holding a stack of small laminated cards. One girl had her spare arm wrapped around her 5-month-old daughter, who was glancing around in that startled way that only babies and small birds can.”

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