Your Personal Passion Plan (P3)

Building Your Personal Passion Plan (P3): Your Customized Blueprint to Becoming a Hot Wife

What is a Personal Passion Plan (P3)?

Your Personal Passion Plan is your very own manual for managing your life. use a notebook, binder or electronic device—whatever works best in your life. Using an electronic platform will allow you to stick to your routines wherever you are.

You might even choose to have a separate personal passion plan for each area in your life, such as work, home and social, for example.  It doesn’t matter how you do it, so long as it works for you. But we do have some basic guidelines to help you get started, and we’re working on a shareable version for everyone in case you feel overwhelmed by this idea.

Step One: Start putting together your Personal Passion Plan.
(Note: The Personal Passion Plan can also be assembled as part of the Daily Dazzle Drills, the 30-Day Hot Wife Induction Program. This begins with Step 8, but you should start from Step 1 for best results!)

You will need:

Either a 3-ring binder OR an app such as Evernote or Asana for your phone/computer/favorite device (all free!).


1. Open a new note or page. Title it “Red Hot Morning Routines.”

2. Open a separate note or page. Title it “Red Hot Bedtime Routines.”

3. Write or type your routines as appropriate on each page. If you’re using a physical notebook, be sure to write in pencil–this is a FLEXIBLE plan! It is subject to change as your life does!

More detailed instructions coming soon!

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